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I started an Alabama Chanin style dress last Thursday and finished stitching it yesterday, so it's not really in progress, but here's a dress I made, dirty mirror and all- 

It's the short dress from Alabama Studio Sewing and Design and I'm planning to overdye the plain beige with indigo. This dress is made from two layers of a cotton jersey sheet I thrifted. I hit the jackpot last week and found 5 (!) flat jersey sheets at one thrift shop. This project was a bit of a trial and made me use up some of my new sheets because right now I'm not quite the size I'm accustomed to usually being, and I'm not getting skinnier! Anyway, I first made the size medium (using a different sheet) and it was too small. Then I made the size XL and it was too big. Just like Goldilocks, the size large was just right, and it was super fast to sew together. I made a mistake when I cut out the front panels, cutting them to tunic length instead of dress length, so I improvised-

I'm happy with the diagonal seam detail. Now that I figured out the sizing, I may make an embellished dress with some of the nice fabric I bought when we visited Alabama. But first, I'm making a jersey "muslin" of the corset from the first Alabama Chanin book. The sizing standards are different between the first and last books, so I am trying the size medium for this corset. It's another sheet, two layers, and I just started it today. 

If this ends up fitting me, I might try to overdye it too. Around here, lots of people wear royal blue all the time because it's the color for the University of Kentucky. So if I were to wear this royal blue tank around town, I'd blend right in! Hmmm, maybe a wildcat stencil is in order. (Just kidding...)  

A while ago I blogged about wanting to make a good little tool bag. Well I think I've found a good tool container and I didn't even have to make it. It's a thin vintage cigar box that I found when organizing my studio last week. 

It's tied with a jersey pull from Alabama Chanin and is outfitted with both knitting and stitching supplies- so handy to have all in one place, why did I never make a tool box before?! 

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