Laura's Tangents

Really appreciated this post of Ann Wood's on working through the doldrums.

I made another one of my knit yoke tops this week. Such a quick knit and a tiny bit of sewing. The free pattern is here.

I harvested my yellow storage onions-I've got quite a bit of braiding to do...

Katie's Tangents

We're getting ready to do some canning, so Iwas delighted to receive bunches of canning jars that a friend found in her shed. Avery helped me sort the six-dozen plus jar collection.


They'll just need some scrubbing up and then they'll be good as new. 

I'm starting a few plants for Fall growing, trying transplanted beets instead of direct-sowing...

I've been walking up to our community garden early in the morning and both my dogs have happily been accompanying me- I can't get a non-blurry photo when we're walking, but wanted to share my morning view.