Katie's Tangents

We had so much fun at a Dawes and Conor Oberst show this week. It was a rare night- both of us, our husbands Michael and Strider, and Abby and Josh all went together. We had a great spot right up front and had a blast. 

I'm looking forward to Novella Carpenter's new book Gone Feral. We both loved her book Farm City, and her new memoir looks promising. 

Even though my cake was nowhere near as photogenic, I made a birthday cake for my father-in-law Gene today, and was delighted by Alecia Paulson's Cloudburst frosting recipe.

Laura's Tangents

I found a stack of the Foods of the World cookbooks at our local used book shop. (On the free shelf!) My high school French teacher had these in her classroom library and I spent so much time reading them back then. Fun to look through again!

My neighbor is teaching me to spin! I am making some really lumpy yarn, but still really enjoying the process.