Friday morning garden

It's the first day of summer vacation for my boys, and early this morning the house was quiet and the misty light was beautiful outside. I've been wanting to share the results of our pond project with you- it's not complete, but we sure are enjoying it. I love the way you can't even really tell from the street that there's a pond there. 

Laura's Garden

(Isn't that pond great? Makes me want to get digging!)

Out here in the meadow we have done quite a bit of garden expansion this spring. The "front garden" is where I'm putting in 25' long, 2' wide rows. Growing out there now: garlic, sugar snap peas (sadly almost done!) beets, peppers, 2 rows of onions, 50 tomato plants-mostly Amish Paste and San Marzanos for canning, cukes, zucchini and planted in a fit of wild optimism-musk melons. This weekend I'm putting in a few rows of popcorn and winter squashes. This is my third year gardening in this spot and I think the deer have finally found me. The cucumbers and zucchini I started and transplanted out got chomped their first night! I'm going to grow them under row cover for now. I wish building a beautiful, functional fence was in my garden budget, but not this year. 

The garden up by the house has grown as well-went from 6 raised beds to 10. We built all new beds out of cedar this spring. These are filled with perennial and annual herbs, some odds and ends of veggies (okra! peanuts!), and one with alpine strawberries.