In progress

Laura's Projects

I've got a new sweater on my needles-Heidi Kirrmaier's Summer Solstice. What an interestingly constructed garment. I'm after a 3/4 sleeve cardigan to pop on in too cold air-conditioning. Now that it has been in the 80's for days in a row, I'm realizing it was unrealistic to use yarn that is 75% wool. A month or so ago when it was cool and I was planning this project it seemed totally reasonable. It is sport weight after all and knit at a loose, drapey gauge. We'll see.

I'm also working with some amazing habu yarn. When Katie and I went to Vogue knitting live the habu booth was by far our favorite. Amid the baskets and baskets of amazing yarn was one of little grab bags of odds and ends. I brought home a couple-thought it'd be the perfect way to sample many different yarns. I'm knitting an airy, randomly striped piece with a summer scarf in mind…

Just realized I never posted all the photos I took of the habu booth…Inexcusable! If I could have afforded it I would have bought everything I photographed-it was all SO appealing.

(I think the uniqueness of the yarn, perfect packaging, and ethereal finished pieces floating about puts you under a spell in which you forget/don't even realize knitting with this yarn will be tricky business, like knitting with string. But really, turns out I don't mind, my hands got used to it and I adore the fabric it makes.)

Katie's Projects

Laura and I are on a similar wavelength because I'm also working on a loosely-knit piece. It is going to be some kind of scarf and I actually stopped working on it to block it because the lace weight Madelinetosh Prairie in garter stitch was looking so jumbled and sloppy knit with size 10.5 needles, I wasn't sure it would all block out nicely. So I put the piece on waste yarn and did a light blocking. 

Now it looks lovely and has perfect drape, an encouragement to keep knitting! 

I'm also starting something new and blue. I love working with Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica so much, but it feels almost criminal to use it for felting projects, because most likely, this first "draft" will not turn out perfectly, and the yarn will be wasted. But the final, nubby rustic finish of the felted work is worth it.