Laura's Tangents

I braided my garlic today with help from my boys. I'd harvested it a couple of weeks ago, and by the looks of the heads and after reading this article, I'd say I waited too long-the cloves are starting to separate. Still, we've got 6 pleasing braids hanging in the shed-the first harvest of storage crops of the season.

Isaac and I made a last minute craft from pinterest for his birthday cake topper and it…totally worked. Very cool and surprisingly successful. Working on parchment paper, we made letters and numbers with hot glue, embedded toothpicks in them while they were still hot, let them cool and peeled them off, coated them with white glue and went to town with the glitter. Fun times.

Katie's Tangents

Well... I'm building another boat. A raft really, inspired by these kinds of things...

(Visit my Pinterest board to see these images and their sources...)

It's my plan to float around the lake in rustic camp-style leisure. I am going to build a canvas tent on one end so we can have a covered place to sleep. We are going on vacation in two weeks and plan to take this raft down to a nearby lake to spend a week on the water. I'm looking forward to spending some time as a family, where the biggest decisions will be choosing to either read a good book or go for a swim. The raft will be 8x12 and will come apart in panels so it will be easier to transport. I'm not really following plans, so I'm a bit nervous about it working out in the floating department. Michael and I built the first of three panels today, and I'm planning to do a float test out at Laura's tomorrow before I proceed with more building- wish me luck!