Laura's Tangents

Katie and I participated in our first ever yoga mala last night. We did (almost) 108 sun salutations to mark the summer solstice. What an interesting and very challenging practice-once a year is probably enough for me!

Lucky to spend the day today taking it easy (recouping from all those chaturangas…) at our creek with these two, knitting away on a new project while they tried to catch frogs, minnows and crayfish:

i find I'm wearing my colorful yarn bracelets a lot lately-so summery and light. The pattern is here if you missed it last summer:

Katie's Tangents

In the cool morning today, as I was watering my newly-transplanted garden additions, I noticed that I've accomplished a few things that I've always wanted to try in the garden. These are all relatively small projects that I have never gotten around to, but they all make me really happy. I love projects like that, and wish I had done them all sooner! 

First, I finally mounted my staghorn fern on a piece of wood. I have it hanging in our shady courtyard for the summer. This poor plant has been languishing on my kitchen counter for close to a year (!) and I considered throwing it in the compost pile more than once. 


I remember seeing a tutorial years ago for using a filing cabinet to make a large planter. This summer I found a small filing cabinet for $10 and with a bit more spray paint, I think it will be just right! I stuck some swiss chard and bean plants in there for now. I love the clean, modern look and you can't beat that price for a planter of this size. Now I'm on the lookout for more filing cabinets. 

Michael bought me a bunch of herb plants for mother's day, and I used them to make a herb planter right outside the front door. I always grow lots of herbs because I love to have masses for cooking, but this planter is perfect for stepping outside to grab a few sprigs of something.