New skills, new hats

Laura's got a great new free knitting pattern in the works, and I'm getting everything together for a few new tutorials and a summer slipper knit-a-long, but in a fun departure, we were students today.  Today we ventured to Magpie Yarn in Lexington for my first-ever knitting class. Jane is a great teacher, and under her tutelage, we learned how to knit Continental-style and worked with both hands at once to knit two colors, practicing on the Hill pattern by Susan Mills. The three hours just flew by, and by the end of the class, we were feeling much better about this speedier way of knitting. 

I just had to keep knitting when we got home, and finished my hat and blocked it already. Since it's 90+ degrees today, it's hard to remember that I'll ever want to wear a hat again! I love the way it fits, and the snowflake with the integrated decreases is so lovely. 

Laura and I are knitting the same pattern with the same color yarn- I don't think that's ever happened before. We used Classic Elite Yarns MountainTop Vista.  Learning to knit Continental style has long been a goal of mine and I can already tell that it's got the potential to really speed up my knitting. While it's no fun to be a beginner at something, we both made a lot of progress in the three hours of class time. It was great to have that focussed time to work on something new.  I'd recommend a class at Magpie if you live close-by. It was so fun to take a class, now I'm perusing the class offerings at all my favorite shops. I'm going to start on some new color work project right away, so I can keep training my hands to learn this technique. I've always loved these Swedish Fish mittens (and really like pretty much everything that Spilly Jane designs), or maybe I could try a turnip-inspired hat-  Neep Heid?  For now, I'm happy to admire, if not wear, my new hat.