In Progress

Laura's Project

I'm so enjoying spinning. My generous neighbor, Marlene showed me how to get started, gave me some roving, and loaned me her wheel. I've been doing a bit every day-taking the wheel out onto my screen porch to beat the hot afternoon blues. Like most beginners' yarn my first attempt is a thick and thin, over and under spun mess, and I love it! What a magical process. I'm reading Start Spinning by Maggie Casey, and finding it very helpful. Now, what to knit with my first skein?

Katie's Projects

I'm easing back into designing some new knitting patterns. It's also the fist week of summer vacation for my boys, and Avery has super-hearing. If I start rattling around in the kitchen, he pops up out of bed, ready to go for the day. I cherish the quiet, peaceful work time in the morning, so I've been waking up early and knitting in bed. Since I worked on The Knitted Slipper Book, I have two new additions to that make my design work more pleasant. The first important new thing is my laptop, on which I can watch obscure YouTube videos about fashion draping (fascinating!) and, more importantly, type the knitting patterns up as I go. It is delightful to not have to read my hurried scrawl on the next go-around! Kip is the second new thing, she takes her job very seriously. She keeps me company and provides some low-key comic relief. It's a pretty sweet set-up, and it feels really good to already have 2 hours of work in by 9 AM. We'll see if I can keep up the productivity. 

Another one of the things I've been watching lately as I knit is the Craftsy class by Natalie Chanin- Hand  Embellishing Knit Fabric. It's the first craft class I've purchased from Craftsy, and I don't know why I waited so long to try this platform! Of course, Natalie teaches an excellent, detailed class, and I picked up many tips and tricks to make my hand-sewing easier. The videography and sound is so well done, and the class platform makes it easy to ask questions, and to see the projects that other people have made. It's all pretty inspiring and I want to watch Fashion Draping next. The class I just watched includes a hard-copy of a Vogue sewing pattern for a drapey jacket with a lovely, wide collar, and I got to try on the sample when we visited The Factory. The jacket has a very generous fit, the XS I tried actually seemed too big, but I do love the back seaming detail and the large collar, so may try to alter the pattern to fit me a bit better. However, I have plenty of other garments in my queue first, and watching the Craftsy class got me inspired to get to work on them again. I'm using the tea towel kit I got at our class to make a medium-length fitted skirt from Alabama Studio Sewing and Design. This project will go quickly, as I'm just embroidering a wider border around the bottom of the skirt.

I'm just about done with one panel, and that's just after two short sittings of work. I'm also determined to finally. finish. my Facets fitted tank. I stitched the center seam this week and am so close to finishing the last bit of embroidery! I am going to skip the embroidery on the back, I am too impatient and really want to start wearing this garment sometime this summer. 

It feels so good to be designing and really working again on creative projects that don't involve the garden, hooray for getting back in the swing of things!