We've been reading, stitching, and inspired by the work of Natalie Chainin and her company Alabama Chanin for years. (Here is the earliest post I could find-from 2008! My first project, a corset,  is also the one I wore to stitch with Natalie...) Having success making clothes by hand, becoming more aware of the effects of fast fashion, has truly changed the way I think about getting dressed and inspired me to explore designing myself. (Katie is wearing the knitted yoke top I made for her-along with her new paisley skirt in the photo below.) Katie and I have gotten into the habit of making things for each other for our birthdays, and as it was approaching this year, a discount was offered by Alabama Chanin on an upcoming two hour workshop and tea, what better way to celebrate! It turns out Florence, Alabama is only 5 and a half hours away from Berea, Kentucky, so worth the journey for an unforgettable afternoon.

5.14swatch 2

We'll be posting more photos of Alabama Chanin and our visit to Florence all week-check in daily!