Spring Break

Well it must officially be spring; I haven't had a knitting project in the works for a few weeks, I've pulled out my herbal salve for itchy bug bites (those darn ticks!) Katie and I have been spending nearly every waking moment in our gardens,  and we haven't been in front of our computers long enough to pop in here! 

Enjoying my spring time window sill-especially the sweet gnome made by my friend Avena.

Enjoying my spring time window sill-especially the sweet gnome made by my friend Avena.

If I have had a moment indoors to do hand work I've still been working away at Alabama Chanin's swatch of the month project. March has been a tough one, satin stitching over stenciled fern fronds. I couldn't deal with adding a chop bead to every other stitch as called for, so skipped them. (Really glad April's swatch uses a stencil we've already cut!)

Oh! And speaking of stitching-I finally finished the beret I've been working on for myself. It was too big when I first sewed it together, and languished for weeks. Turns out  a slightly wider seam allowance made all the difference and it now fits just right. I totally love it-so unusual and comfortable.

Big changes happening in my garden. I took down the hoop house (was sad to see it go!) but the plastic will last longer if it isn't up all summer, and I need the space for summer crops. I'm planning a bigger hoop house for next year with more growing space and a way to hang up hammocks for winter sun bathing. We had a friend come over with his walk behind tractor to till up more of the meadow to expand our growing space. What an amazing tool, so effective.

Now to get it all manured, amended, planted and mulched before the weeds creep in! I've expanded my seed starting operation this year by building myself a rack to hold grow light and flats. So far so good, it is home to 80 tomatoes, 50 leeks, 20 basil, 12 dill, and 8 okra growing happily.

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