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Laura's Tangents

Enjoying working my way through The Southern's Handbook, especially part one on food. Okra, grits and ramps? Yes, please.


Tomorrow is a good day to plant by the moon, so I spent some time today sorting last year's seeds and making a rough plan for the garden. Can't wait to get sowing!


After last Saturday's syrup cooking in the woods it got cold and rainy, so Strider finished cooking off our first batch of syrup on the porch with my little rocket stove. We had gotten the 50 gallons or so we started with down to 4 in the woods. The rocket stove worked super to finish the syrup and take it down to the final 5 quarts, AND kept our house from getting fogged with steam...


Katie's Tangents

I'm also thinking seeds. Since I was late ordering mine this year, I ended up buying my peas locally. This display at our local farm store never fails to charm me- 


The seeds I planted in my greenhouse are coming up! So far arugula, radish and some lettuces have germinated. They are still tiny, but it's a head start on my outside garden for sure.


I'm also working on making our tiny pond a little bigger... 


It's *possible* I've made this too big... you can dig a hole for free, but now I have to figure out how to add a liner, pump and filter on the cheap... 

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