In Progress

Laura's Projects

I finished my February swatch of the month with a day to spare! Wow, was this a lot of stitching compared to the January swatch. 

2 down, 10 to go.


The March swatch has yet to be posted, but so far the desktop and the swatch of the month have been the same. If this pattern continues, looks like March is going to be interesting...

I started working with some of the Habu yarn I got at Vogue Knitting Live. Yikes is it thin and boy does it knit up beautifully:


Katie's Projects

I'm back to working with leather, thanks to the untimely death of my tattered vintage wallet. I used that as a rough template, and drafted a new pattern,


and worked with some fun new tools- including a special punch to make the perfect hand-stitching holes! 


Now I have a sweet little wallet that looks like the younger sibling of Laura's wallet...


I'm also having another go at clog-making, but let me tell you, this is tricky business. I can see now why there aren't more casual clog-makers out there! 

And, I'm so impressed with Laura's swatch- I'm not even half-way done with my swatch. I can't believe I'm already behind in just the second month! I'm making good progress though, the trick is, I have to actually work on it everyday.