Katie's Tangents

Apparently posting to our blog has become a tangent in the rest of my gardening, reading, leather-crafting and stitching life. I've been busy lately, waiting for spring and working on my greenhouse- it's almost done!

Katie's tiny greenhouse

Last week I filmed a segment for Knitting Daily TV in Cleveland. And here I'm going to be one of those bloggers to suggest you follow my instagram feed if you'd like to see more of that trip, I didn't bring my "real" camera. Despite the super-wintery weather that was no-fun to drive in, It was an awesome experience. I taped my segment with the super-pro Vickie Howell, and it was great to chat with fellow guests, Heather Zoppetti, Joanna Johnson and Lauren Riker.

Yesterday my family went over to Laura and Strider's to help boil off their sap. They've got a pretty sweet homemade set up. It was getting dark when I took these photos, so my shots are a bit blurry. This stove is made from cinder blocks and fire bricks. The sap is in the stainless steel pans on top. 

photo 1.jpg

Stoking the fire makes the sap evaporate more quickly of course, and the routine of tending the fire, skimming foam and topping off containers with more sap is a not unpleasant way to spend the afternoon. 

photo 2.jpg

It was warm enough for the boys to play in the woods without their coats, but they hung around  and begged for tastes too...


It always impresses me to remember that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. It sounds like Laura and Strider are on course to make over a gallon of tasty syrup this year. Happily, I know four boys who will be happy to help eat it up! 

Laura's tangents

Making maple syrup, hellebores and daffodils about to bloom, and fall planted garlic putting on growth. Spring is definitely close-it's hard to imagine we have another snow storm on the way!

I photographed my studio potter mother in law, Teresa at work this week.