Laura's Tangnets

I haven't blogged any knitting lately, but I have been doing lots of knitting, I'm designing my first sweater. (yikes!) I love the yarn-Bartlett 2 ply wool-I couldn't resist its sheep-y loveliness at Rhinebeck. But! it is plain, marled grey and white natural colored wool. It kinda matches the February sky perfectly. And as excited as I am to be knitting this sweater, as perfectly this yarn fits the bill, I need to put it down for awhile….

The sun isn't set to make an appearance around here for days.  I've got to have something much more colorful running through my hands. Both Amanda and the Harlot have mentioned this reality of winter knitting, I figure I'll follow their (much more experienced) leads. Today I swatched with the most eye popping yarn in my stash-Noro Hitsuji. Who knows what I'll make with it, but I've got 3 skeins, it will keep me in colorful knitting for at least a week!


Katie's Tangents

I haven't been knitting much, but I am working on the February Alabama Chanin Swatch. Laura and I are still cutting out the stencil, but I think I'll be able to move on to stitching today. 

I'm a year and a half too late to the party, but wow am I enjoying cooking from Jerusalem. It makes me ache for summer and tomato plants. Also, after reading this cookbook, I'm definitely going to be planting more eggplants! 

I've been working on our community garden plans more this past week, and am so excited that things are moving forward. It's very likely I'll have a nice, big garden to plant in this year- so exciting. 

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