Katie's Tangents

After seeing her lovely greens and spending time in the damp warmth of Laura's hoop house, I finally resolved to build a greenhouse myself before spring. I bought plans from RJT Designs a year ago, and as yesterday was the best day we'll have weather-wise in a while, I got started building. How I wish that we could have just one more day of sunny warmth, as I think I could have had the whole thing done if I had two days to to work. All four walls are framed, and I moved them into the garage for painting, now that it's cold and rainy again.


I figure I'll cut the rafters in the garage too, then can assemble everything on the next warmish day we have. This morning, in a steady drizzle, I made a level foundation for the walls. I still have to fill in the middles, but all four corners are level, a tricky feat on that spot that looked relatively level until I checked it with an actual level! 


 I can't recommend the plans enough, they are super-clear, and detailed. Just as it's so nice sometimes to follow a knitting pattern instead of designing everything yourself, it's really nice to follow this plan and know that everything is going to work our well. The designer has several free plans too, I'm intrigued by the mini-greenhouse/coldframe. 

I spent the afternoon yesterday at the Fiber Frenzy Pins and Needles retreat at Boone Tavern here in Berea. I met some interesting fiber-centric women while I was selling my book, and enjoyed soaking up a bit of the relaxed, knitting energy. 

I'm knitting lots of slippers in different stages of completion as I'm going to be a guest on Knitting Daily TV at the end of February! The episode won't air until this summer, but when it does, I'll be able to share a new free pattern from The Knitted Slipper Book. 

Laura's Tangents

We put in our taps to collect sap yesterday! This is the fourth year we have made syrup in these woods, and it is still tricky to pick the right time. You want many days in a row above freezing with nights below-difficult to get in Kentucky. Last year Strider and the boys built a roof to house our cobbled together cooker-it doesn't look like much but keeps the rain and wind off! We've always used this as our maple syrup guide book. 

The ten day forecast may look good for sap collection, but not so much for sunshine-time to make some window stars to brighten things up. We've got a tutorial here, and I also used this book this year.

I made bear claws stuffed with chocolate cake crumbs and almonds this weekend. Oh my goodness, so good. The yeasted, laminated dough is dreamy to work with.  A fun baking project, but did test the limits of my tiny kitchen...