Katie's Tangents

I'm working on a new, secret (for now) project these days that requires me to frequently visit RhymeZone and to match bread mold to yarn colors. 

Moldy Bread and Yarn Swatches

I think I'm going to go with Green Mist, what do you think? The yarn is the lovely Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift from Schoolhouse Press. Seeing the enormous yarn swatch book really makes me want to tackle a fair isle project, the colors are just so great! 

I know it's dull to talk about the weather, but I'm so psyched for the week of warmth that we're going to have in Kentucky! Our January thaw is happening in mid-February, but I'm not complaining! I'm hoping to finish building my little greenhouse.

Yesterday for Sunday dinner I made three new recipes from Jersualem. The whole meal was great, but the shining star was the salad with dates and almonds. We used greens from Laura's greenhouse instead of the spinach, and happily a friend had sumac I could use. I want to try to harvest sumac this summer, it's plentiful around here and added a nice fruity, lemony zing to the salad. 

Laura's Tangents

Just finished reading The Resilient Farm and Homestead by Ben Falk. What a practical, in-depth look at the design and implementation of a thriving permaculture farm. Lots of food for thought...

Around here we are making steady progress on our house build-the plumbing was roughed in last week, and hopefully an electrician will be here any day. After so very much DIY it is absolutely wonderful to pay other people to do some of the work for us! 

(On the left the manifold of pipes going from the pump and pressure tank to all the sinks, showers and toilets, and on the right TADA, yes, what I am most excited for-the washing machine hook-up!)

The current project for Strider and I-putting up 1 inch foam between the rafters to create an air space beneath the roof sheathing. First we nail up little 1 inch strips, then a sheet of foam. It is easy work, just tedious and feels endless. But, we keep working, put up one piece at a time, the pile of foam to be installed keeps shrinking, and eventually this task will be behind us. Then on to the next step!

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