January Alabama Chanin swatch start

Yesterday, on the absolute last day of an extra-long Christmas break from school that was extended by two “snow days” due to the extreme cold, Laura and her boys came over to my place because cabin fever in a small house with rowdy boys and restless pups is better when it's managed with friendly company. After settling the boys in with books, homemade (live) mousetrap construction and various electronic devices, we got down to business working on our Alabama Chanin swatch of the month

Have you read about this project yet? Each month, there will be a new swatch posted, featuring a different stencil design and stitching technique. You can buy the kit for the year, or follow along at home with your own supplies using the free directions. This month features the Paisley stencil and a blue-on-blue reverse appliqué design. 

Last week we began cutting the stencil, and we used indigo to dye cotton jersey fabric that we’d cut from thrifted t-shirts. 

Yesterday we finished cutting the stencil (it’s so nice to have a stencil-cutting partner to trade out with when your hands get sore from gripping the x-acto knife too tightly!) 


Then we stenciled, 


and began stitching at our knitting group last night. We're using a slightly different palette from the suggested one, with lighter indigo blue for the fabric pieces, slate gray paint for the stenciling and dark navy thread for the stitching.

I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten in just two hours of work! We’ll be ready for February in no time…