Special book deal & a yarn giveaway

Now that the rush of holiday crafting is behind us, I'm so glad to have time to make some things for myself. My family is all outfitted in new slippers, but mine have been languishing in my project bag. The cold snap spurred me into action, and now I finally have a pair of my own. I have lots of favorite designs from my book, but the beading, fringe and ankle-height coziness of the Ankle Fringe Boots made them my first choice for a new pair of slippers. I'm guilty of making mine exactly like the sample pair from the book- why mess with success? 


Somehow, taking photos of my feet encouraged Kip, Rascal and Avery to join in the photoshoot this morning.


(Avery has slippers of his own, but I've got the wood stove rocking so my boys are actually too hot- they're both shirtless and slipperless...) It's so nice to have a new pair of slippers to enjoy this winter! 


You can make some Ankle Fringe Boots too thanks to the generosity of the folks at Fairmount Fibers. Leave a comment sharing what kind of slippers you'd like to knit for yourself and you'll be entered into the drawing for enough luscious Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica yarn to knit a pair of Ankle Fringe Boots of your own! The giveaway will be open until next Monday the 13th at midnight. 

Because I want everyone to knit themselves some slippers, free yarn or not, I'm running a special promotion for the next 10 days. If you buy a copy of The Knitted Slipper Book directly from me, I will give you 5(!) of my knitting patterns for free. You may choose any of my for-sale patterns, check out my Ravelry store to see them all. To claim your free patterns, contact me with your pattern list after you've purchased the book, and I'll send you the download codes via Ravelry. 

It's going to be a slipper-filled winter, hooray for cozy toes!