2014 To-Do list

Laura did an awesome post about some of the things she made in 2013, and it was really inspiring to see all she did in just a year. Since making to-do lists is one of my favorite hobbies, I thought I’d contrast her list with my list of things I’m planning to do in 2014. 

1. Slipcover our new/old couch and living room chairs with drop cloths.

     I'm kinda cheating adding this to my to-do list, as this is already in progress thanks to Miss Mustard Seed's helpful video tutorials. I've never made a slipcover before, and this relatively crisp cover really pleases me. I'll show you the whole shebang when it's done.

2. Start writing another book with Laura.

     Oh yes, we've got all kinds of big plans. 

3. Make some things to sell and actually sell them online and in Berea. 

     I haven't really been blogging about the canvas bags and totes I've been making, but I'm slowly building up an inventory.

4. Build a boat.

     I really, really want to make this boat- and I'm going to, come hell or high water!


5. Organize a community garden in our neighborhood.

6. Make a new pair of sandals for me and Laura.

     The original pairs will be three years old this summer, and while they're holding up well, it's time for some new ones. 


7. Follow along with Alabama Chanin’s swatch of the month with Laura.

     We already got started on this, and have our indigo-dyed fabric and stencil just about ready, more on that soon. 

8. Finish re-doing our front porch/entry.

     I started this last spring, but lost steam and ran out of money.

9. Build a hoop house like Laura's.

     Spending a few minutes in her snug and very green hoop house last week strengthened my resolve! Eating the fresh greens and arugula she shared with me didn't hurt either... 

10. Continue hosting weekly beans and rice dinners.

     We've been hosting low-key weeknight potlucks in the studio for a few weeks. It's been really great to spend time with friends and family, and I'm looking forward to continuing them through the coming year. 

11. Put up lots of tomatoes, maybe even more this year. 

     Opening a jar of tomatoes always makes me happy, and having full jars in my pantry feels just as good as a flush savings account. 


Seems an ambitious list when I type it all out- but tackling these seems like the perfect kind of challenge for 2014. What are some of your big plans? Happy New Year friends!