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Laura's Tangents

Doesn't a bit of sunshine make such a difference some days? I'm appreciating my sun-washed view from the couch-herbs on the windowsill and crowds of birds at the feeders (and a beaker of knitting needles at the ready…)


Today was the first day I've let myself venture out to my unheated hoop house since it got down to -8. I have been dreading it, sure I would find only inedible slimy brown leaves. But! I pulled back the double layers of row cover to find:


A whole row of lettuces only a bit worse for wear. The spinach is also alive and well, but the tatsoi and arugula are goners. I will replant the arugula this week, and according to Barbara and Eliot, I can plant some super early potatoes in here March 1! Anybody know of other resources for spring planting dates for hoop houses? Please share!

Katie's Tangents

I've also been seeing green this week. I'm working with some friends and neighbors to start a community garden in our neighborhood. We had a meeting with someone at Berea College this week to request use of a space, and to prepare, I put together a packet of information, plans and inspiration. 

Today was the warmest day we've had for a while, so the boys and I went out to the proposed site and marked off the corners of the plot. It sure does look a LOT bigger in person than when sketched out on a piece of paper.

I couldn't believe it, but the ground was plenty soft enough to collect soil for a soil test. And as the day was the perfect mix of warmish weather with packable snow, we made a gardener to keep an eye on things.