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Laura's Tangents

Have you seen the recent photo essay and article in the New York Times about textile mills in the US.? What a great piece-it reminded me of how much Katie and I enjoyed touring Kramer Yarns in Nazareth, Pennsylvania a few years ago. 

Took a sweet winter walk with my boys today. It is SO very nice to get out of our tiny house now and then!

Katie's Tangents

It's so fun to pack up all The Knitted Slipper Books that people have been ordering! All the books that have been ordered from Thursday on will go to the post office first thing Tuesday morning- I forgot about the holiday this week! I'm almost out of project bags, so if you want a sweet little gingham bonus, you might want to order a book soon. 

This week I'm going to a meeting about the hopeful location for our community garden. I'm working on painting a garden layout so the landowner can envision what we have in mind. I'm not a painter by a long shot, but it's fun to work on. 


I went to a Berea Writers Circle for the first time this week. The meeting was about critiquing writing, and it was great to meet some new people and hear all different kinds of writing. 

I know it will never be like pizza from Pizza Como and other places close where I grew up, but I tried a pretty good pizza recipe this week- the best crust i've made in a long time. The sauce was a bit too herbal for me, but had a nice consistency.