In Progress

Laura's Project

I'm just about done with my Alabama Chanin swatch for January, and want to start another stitching project. I've made a couple of hats for others, but have yet to finish one for myself. It's time.

So I used my beloved vintage wool beret to draft a pattern (you can tell it is legit because it has a Frenchman inside the lining…), stenciled, cut ropes and got couching them in place.

Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Katie's Projects

I have a good friend, Michelle, who is really good at remembering any old project I'm working on. Then when I've skipped over finishing it to move on to an exciting new project she says, "what about that other sweater/building project/garden plan?" She is probably going to ask me any day about my slipcover, which is not, I confess, finished. I have no good reason why not, other than the fact that I just don't feel like doing it. Avery absconded with the rest of the clothesline I was using for piping, and I'm discouraged about the dog-hair that's already showing up here and there. Hopefully I'll get in the slipcovering groove soon and be able to move the ironing board out of the living room.

In more project procrastination news, I'm still finishing up a Christmas gift knit. It's another Gaptastic cowl, knit in plum Brown Sheep Chunky. It's for someone I really like, so I don't quite know why I've been letting it languish in my knitting basket. Happily, Julian's had lots of writing homework he could use some help with, so it's been keeping me busy (and sane!) while I help him write and edit a persuasive essay about the solar system. I'll be done in no time at the rate we're going- the essay's due on Friday, and we've got a few drafts to go before we're done. 


In yarn giveaway news, Amanda is the lucky yarn winner, I'll be sending off her yarn this week! Sounds like she's been knitting lots of gifts and could use a pair of slippers herself! We just *may* have even more special Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica to give away soon, so stay tuned.