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Katie's Tangents

How nice it is to be back into the blogging routine! Today I'm procrastinating finishing my slipcover by writing this blog post. I just have to sew one more cushion and the whole thing will be done. While I'm tired of sewing with piping and I really just want to skip to the fun part of choosing new throw pillow fabric, I'm determined to finish making it today. 

Yesterday I attended a day-long writing workshop with the generous and thoughtful George Ella Lyon. It was so special and motivating to hear her speak and read and to spend time in her snug writing studio. 

I stitched like the wind and my swatch is done, save for the snipping of the stenciled areas. I don't have perfectly sharp little scissors, so I'll have to finish mine up the next time Laura and I are together. I forgot to mention earlier, but we're making our swatches 18X18" square so we will have more flexibility with what we can do with our finished pieces. For now, mine is brightening up my living room wall. 


I've been meaning to buy some new stationary for months, but could never find anything I loved. I bought some blank brown paper note cards at the craft store yesterday and found a way to incorporate one of my favorite craft supplies into sweet and simple cards.


What a fun way to spend the morning! Here are some of the cards I made.


The pinky orange is my favorite sequin color, so I'll have to send this card to someone I especially like. 


Laura's Tangents

Hmm, Katie's speedy progress on her swatch makes me realize I haven't picked mine up in days, better get moving-just a couple weeks till it is time to start the next one!

My boys and I have been enjoying an inspired craft book-Making Peg Dolls by Margaret Bloom

Yesterday I spent the day at nearby Snug Hollow Farm. It is an enchanted place-if you are in Kentucky do check it out!