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Katie & Laura's Tangents

Laura has been keeping the folks at the Genius Bar busy with her computer lately, and we've been spending just about every day together, so I'll fill you in on the Tangents for both of us this week. 

The kitten that showed up at my house months ago is officially tame.


I've been sneaking him into the studio and snuggling him on the daybed- his purring is so loud! It's been very rewarding to slowly, slowly work to make him comfortable with us. His name is Mooch, after the Mutts character, and because he IS a bit of a mooch.  

We are digging this recipe for a potato tortilla. Laura's made it twice in a week, and put basil in it once. I just made it for breakfast today, but am already planning to make it again soon.  

After moving to Kentucky from Pennsylvania in 1995 to attend college, I never figured that most of my family would end up here too. Laura moved down the very next year,  to attend Berea College too, and my brother Josh and his wife Megan spent many years in the area, pursuing advanced degrees, though they are off teaching in Iowa now. Our sister Abby and her Josh just moved down last year. (Can't believe it's been a year already!) This week, our mom and dad finally made the huge move to Berea. We're so looking forward to spending more time together and are delighted that our lucky boys will get to spend so much time with their fun and doting grandparents. We've been helping them unpack, ferrying loads of stuff from a storage unit and moving truck to their house. 


Not all our loads were this color coordinated.  

Somehow it feels like we need another weekend to recover from this busy one! But there are too many things happening this week to take a day off- like the official start to Laura's family's homeschool year, our first middle-school cross country meet and making plans for a Friday birthday celebration for my mom- so much good stuff! 

Stay tuned this week, we're about to kick in into gear, blog-posting wise, and I'm going to have some good book news to share soon.