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Katie's in progress

September is the birthday month in our family- the majority of birthdays fall there- so it's a big month for last-minute crafting for me. Today I finished up a large canvas trug for Abby's birthday (which is today!) just in time. I dyed some heavy canvas a vintagey shade of olive gray and did some more stenciling, still inspired by my grandparents' welding shop.


Then I added a lining and leather handles. I aged the brass rivets in vinegar to remove some of the finish so they wouldn't be so shiny. I wanted this container to look like it had spent some time in the welding shop. In fact, if I had more time, I probably would have tried to distress it. 


 Anyway, it's probably hard to tell how large this container is, so here's a photo that shows some scale. The trug holds one small dog quite well. 


Kip obligingly stayed in the trug for a minute so I could snap a photo (I think she's looking intently at the chickens in the backyard...), then decided she was tired of being a unit of measurement...


Laura's in progress

I've got the second of my first pair of slippers started, but haven't had much quiet knitting time to do the short rows...Also just started a dead simple cowl-y scarf thing. I  need something wooly and neutral-ish for the winter, and just as much needed a take anywhere knitting project. I searched for a pattern on Ravelry only to realize what I had in mind was so simple, I didn't need a pattern. I'm loving the looks of it so far!

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