Laura's Tangents

I miss the weekly walks in the woods my rainbow project necessitated-so it was nice to go for a long end of summer ramble with Strider and the boys this week. We visited the little American chestnut stump sprouts Strider has been keeping an eye on. They are such amazingly hopeful little trees, even knowing they will eventually succumb to the blight. I found some little seasonal bits to photograph, of course:


I just finished a fascinating, yet tiresome book The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese.  No need for a summary, the subtitle just about covers it! The tiresome part-oh my gosh the footnotes. I'm totally down with wordy asides, just got to be a bit...overdone? 

Katie's Tangents

We're loving our new puppy, Kip. She's a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix which means she's a seven-pound adorable blur who also loves to snuggle. I scoured the Craigslist "pets" section for weeks and weeks because I had so much fun watching Olive, Laura's little dog, this summer. I'm so grateful to have Kip, she is exactly the kind of dog I have been hoping for. I wanted something short and peppy for her name, but was especially pleased when Laura reminded me that Beatrix Potter's dog was named Kip- even better! 


I made the best cornbread I've made in years following this recipe and technique, it might have helped that I used bacon grease for the fat... 

Finally, we are in the midst of tearing out our rotten bathroom floor and subfloor and replacing it with something new. This is the first time Michael and I have done work like this and while it's not super difficult, I will be very glad when the bathroom is put back together. We're also putting in a new toilet that I am way too excited about. It's a very consuming, if not photogenic process, and we are all grateful for the bathroom we have in the studio!