In Progress

::Projects on our work tables or needles

- Just want to say thanks for all the sharing and general excitement about the book trailer! If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check it out.  

Laura's Projects: 

One of the great things about knitting slippers for kids is that it goes so fast! I'm really clicking away on the lace up boots I'm making for Isaac: 



Our favorite local beer only comes in cans-so I've got some (even quicker to knit) knitted and felted cozies in the works. The size B/half pint from Katie's cozy family pattern fits a can perfectly:


The next knitting + sewing pattern I'm developing isn't really that much more knitting, but it sure has taken ages for me to get it back to the top of my to-do list. Planning on getting this published soon!


Katie's Projects

I got a good start on a pair of Inside-Out Slipper Socks at our knitting group on Monday night.  


I'm subbing a different yarn than is called for in the book, and Avery informed me that maybe I should just knit TWO pairs of slipper socks because he had his heart set on the original red and black pair. While I'm not so sure this pair will go to him, I do have a skein of red and black marled yarn on order and figured that these go so quickly, I'll make them anyway. There are three other boys that could also use a pair.  I got a good bit of knitting done in the car yesterday, as Abby and I were driving to pick up someone new-


She's so tiny and spunky and sweet! I see some tiny dog sweaters in my future! (And maybe some cowls too...)