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Katie's Tangents

Tomorrow my book trailer goes live, and that marks the start of the official launch of The Knitted Slipper Book, which will finally happen on October 8. My tangents today are book launch and trailer related... 


Clara Parkes' blog post about waiting for her book to launch is such a good read.   

The second and third book trailers in this blog post are pretty funny! I love Fred Armisen as Penny Marshall. 

The default quick lunch or dinner as we've been working on video editing has been Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps. Using local pork and the plentiful Thai basil from my garden, they are hard to beat! The only changes I make to the recipe is to half the meat but keep the sauce amounts the same. I use an onion instead of a shallot, and sometimes add diced vegetables, like mushrooms, carrots and celery. We eat it in romaine lettuce leaves with lots of peanuts on top. 

Tomorrow all the pages related to the book will go live- including all the event information, I'm so psyched to meet up with knitters and talk slippers!  

I'm planning to knit new slippers for my family in the next few weeks, first up are for Avery, a pair of Inside Out Slipper Socks in sturdy marled Fisherman's Wool from Lion Brand. He has coveted the sample pair that I made for the book and I promised him I'd have some of his own ready to wear before cool weather. Michael's been organizing firewood to get ready for the season, I better start knitting slippers!


Laura's Tangents

So very excited to cast on for my first pair of slippers from Katie's book this week-garter stitch boots with leather laces in dreamy Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. 


Strider took time out of house building for us and made a sweet little moveable chicken coop. We have been waiting to get chickens till we got around to building a coop-which had fallen to the bottom of our list. But, the opportunity to adopt the hens of a friend who is moving away was too good to pass up, and got us sketching and hammering. I stained the coop and run black as a nod to the ubiquitous black tobacco of Kentucky. Looking forward to fresh eggs!