Winter is Coming: What are you Knitting?

This week, I bought a new pair of boots that I can't wait to wear. Now I'm in full-on Winter-knitting planning mode. Here's what I'm thinking about knitting as soon as it's not 90 degrees in Kentucky: 

Apparently I forgot to tell you that I'm working on making a few pairs of EZ's Woodsman's Socks. I love them. The yarn is from Schoolhouse Press and it is perfectly sheepy and sturdy. I altered the pattern to fit my foot, casting on a few less stitches and fooling with the heel a bit. 


I'm hoping to actually make a pair of functional wool and wood clogs for this winter, instead of dithering around with samples and experiments.  

I'm planning to knit a cozy, neutral cowl that I may not take off until April. I'm thinking about the ubiquitous Gaptastic Cowl in dark gray maybe? 

Is there time to make a sweater? Not sure, but if there was, I'd be tempted to make my own Icelandic Overblouse or Golden Hour.


I need to be sure everyone in my family has a new hat this year. We've had a few school-commute mornings on the bikes already that left my ears stinging. I'm curious about knitting earwarmers that fit under a bike helmet. I wonder if they would be windproof enough. 

And of course, I'm planning to knit a bunch of slippers! Laura and I are both going to be knitting slippers for our families in the next few weeks, and we'll share our progress here. I happen to have an excellent book full of slipper patterns, it's hard to pick what I want to knit first! 

So what are YOU knitting to prepare for cooler temps?