::Tangents is the collection spot for the things we're thinking about, obsessively researching, and doing at home and on the web.

Laura's Tangents

My boys and I have been enjoying a couple of great non-fiction kids books about clever, feisty women whose stories should be more widely known. 


The Taxing Case of the Cows-the story of two sisters who fought taxation without representation in the 1800s, and Marvelous Mattie-about the woman who recieved the first US patent. Good stuff.

I recently read Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, and while I found it really interesting-full of both mundane details and fascinating quirks-maybe after absorbing all those feminist vibes from the first two books, I was disappointed to find only around 20 women out of 150 or so creatives. Come on. 

I've wanted an unheated greenhouse to grow winter greens for years and after seeing the plans for a simple little hoop house in Barbara Damosch and Eliot Coleman's new book, I became obsessed/inspired. I finally plunked down the money for a giant piece of plastic


Katie's Tangents

When I'm not figuring out how to arrange large quantities of produce in my living room, or biking my kiddos back and forth to school, I'm still working on my stop motion video.

I'm so grateful for Michael's help, it's been really fun to work together on this project. We're learning a TON, and it's great to share the magic of turning a whole bunch of photos into a moving story. 


Our filming goes like this: I move something a tiny bit and say "go" and then he takes the photo and makes a hatch mark for it. Then I move a tiny bit more and say "go" again...


After we get 30 photos done, we stop and look at what we have. My video is going to have the relatively choppy frame rate (which is the number of frames, or photos, per second) of 10, so while it does take a while to do, it's not as slow as something with the industry standard of 24.  

Building the sets and characters for this little movie with Laura has been so much fun. There is still a secret set and character that I can't show you yet. I'm so looking forward to the whole story to be done so I can share it with you.