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Katie's Tangents

I received a very special package in the mail on Friday.  


It's my book! How surreal and wonderful to see it for the first time. Laura happened to be here when it was delivered, and it was really fun to share the exciting moment with her. The photography is so special.


And it's so great to revisit all the designs-  


The photo index in the back is one of my favorite features. 


I'm very proud of the book and the projects in it and I can't believe that it is finally going to be out in the world in just a few weeks.

It's going to be available October 2 and you can preorder it here or on Amazon.  I'm planning a launch party in Berea and will also be visiting a few local yarn shops to do trunk shows and signings this fall. Laura and I will also be traveling to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival and I'll be doing a signing there as well. 

Laura's tangents

By far the biggest highlight of my week was being at Katie's house when the first copy of The Knitted Slipper Book was delivered! It is so, so lovely and I can't decide which slippers I want to make first! 

After doing laundry and cleaning out the car, nice to get to the fun part of unpacking from a trip-unwrapping and putting away newly thrifted treasures: