only 588 miles to my favorite thrift shops

Strider and I went to Pennsylvania to pick up our boys from my parents over the weekend. We stayed up there a couple of days to recover from the 10 hour drive before making it again, and managed to squeeze in visits to two of my requisite PA stops-Renningers and the Re-Uzits of Lancaster County. I especially love the Booksavers Re-Uzit. They have so many great kids books-many old-ish ones with the sturdy, vintage library bindings I inexplicably adore. 

I thrifted a stack of fabric yardage-several vintage prints and enough light weight wool flannel to make another Tova dress.


As great as all this thrifting sounds, our trip was marred by one unfortunate knitting related episode...You know how when you are packing for a trip and you usually pack 3 knitting projects just in case you finish 2 you'll have something to work on, but then you try to be realistic and only pack one, and then you finish that ONE project early in your trip:


and so you try to go to a yarn shop to buy some emergency yarn, but they close early on Saturday and aren't open at all on Sunday or Monday, and then you make desperate attempts to thrift some yarn, even though you know with all of your being as you paw through bins of 100% acrylic yarn that the chances of finding something reasonable to knit with are slim indeed, and you find an ancient skein of very thin cotton:


and you think-I could knit a light weight summer scarf out of that, even though you recently finished a light weight cotton scarf, but you buy it anyway and try to wind 700 yards using your knees for a swift, but it is very thin and tangled and even has knots in it, and as you are struggling to wind it into a ball you realize you probably won't want to finish knitting a plain white cotton scarf once you get home, even though you really like the idea of doing shibori resists on a big piece of white knitting and then dyeing it with indigo, and then you resign yourself to a day long car ride without anything but reading and crossword puzzles to occupy yourself, and it kills you to squander all those uninterrupted hours of knitting time, and your family is sympathetic, but you can tell they think you are kind of nuts? I hate it when that happens.