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Laura's Tangents

Big news-the sun is shining today!  I took advantage of the break in the rain to dash outside and harvest some zucchini well on their way to being overgrown, and all my onions:


I'm concerned about getting these dried well enough to braid-good thing we have a giant unfinished house to spread them out in... 

Even though sari silk ribbon yarn is easy enough to buy,  after making all those bracelets I got obsessed with making my own.


Three thrifted silk garments later I've got a big skein of the stuff-I'll do a quick how to later this week.

Katie's Tangents

We've been having rain and more rain this week and Michael and I spent a soggy day cleaning water and damp things out our garage, laundry room and storage room. Happily, we used it as an opportunity to organize and purge. I found this old fraktur that Laura made me more than 10 (!) years ago. Isn't it nice?



Apparently I am going to keep posting about food for a while... We're going gluten-free these days and I am so encouraged by my results using this great flour mix recipe. I've been doing a lot of cooking and it seems to work just fine for a wheat flour substitution.  These cupcakes are a special kind of magic that Avery really appreciates-  the recipe makes 12 cupcakes and their frosting with just one stick of butter. 

I am so glad there is a new yoga place in Berea- Broadway BodyWork. If you live in the area, you would do well to check out one of the classes. Sarah is a super teacher and the space is so full of light. I feel lucky that I get to go do yoga there. She's got plans for   a community class on Saturdays, and is contemplating family yoga classes, which I think would be a hoot.