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Katie's Projects

So close to being done with my scarf- 


Just about one color left to go. I've found the trick is I actually have to WORK on it to really make progress.

A local friend asked me to make some knitted gifts for a one-year-old boy. I thought it would be a fun challenge to try to make three small toys from just one skein of yarn. Using  a ball of Jojoland's Rhythm that I bought at Rebelle, I made a little striped ball, 


A sturdy felted car that actually rolls, 


And a dangly-legged frog with a little rattle inside. 


And I didn't even use the whole skein! 


Not bad, huh? I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, it was fun to design some toys again, and I really love the small scale and simplicity of these.  

Laura's Projects

After having an elderflower spritzer last June, loving it, and waiting a year for its bloom time-I'm making elderflower syrup today:


The elder has been flowering on our lane for weeks, but I just kept busily driving by thinking "I'll harvest those next time I go past..." Well, the flowers faded and are turning to berries, I missed them. Elder flower guilt set in big time. Happily, Strider came upon some elder still flowering and brought home a sack full-redemption! 

I was inspired by the recipe in the lovely kids' book Linnea's Almanac, I also referred to this recipe. They call for very different amounts of sugar, so I split the difference and did 2 1/2 Cups sugar for 8 Cups of water and 4 Cups packed de-stemed flowers. 

I have been really enjoying making masses of yarn bracelets this week. Fun to make, wear and give away:


I was inspired by this pattern from Wool and the gang, but have made some changes. I'll do a detailed how-to post later this week....