summer bracelets

Hooray for a redesign-thanks to Michael for all his work freshening things up!

So, like I said on Wednesday, I modified this pattern by Wool and the gang to make a bunch of bracelets. 


If you want to make some too, here's what to do:

-use bulky Noro Nobori for the main color and recycled sari silk ribbon yarn for the second color. Each bracelet takes less than 3 yards of main color and around 1 yard for the second color.

(hmm, looks like Nobori has been discontinued-this looks pretty similar...any bulky yarn would be fine, the fiber content and colors in Nobori are just particularly summery...)

-Wind main color into 2 balls.

-Pull off 24 inches from each ball of main color, hold together, and use #11 needles to cast on 25 stitches. Cut yarn, leaving 4-5 inch tail at end of cast on.

-Add sari silk leaving a 4-5 inch tail.

-Cast off with the sari silk. Pull a 8-10 inch length of main color yarn through last cast off loop along with the silk.

-Braid the yarn tails at the cast on and cast off. 

-Knot the braids, unbraid and trim ends.


Get busy and make an arm-full!