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Laura's Tangents

I just finished Beverly Cleary's memoir My Own Two Feet. I read and reread her books as a kid, and now my boys are doing the same. Interesting to learn a bit about her life and where the inspiration for Henry Huggins came from....

I'm growing Coreopsis tinctoria this summer. I started it from seed and am hoping it will self sow. I'm picking the blossoms every couple of days and drying them-by the end of the summer I'll have enough to dye something! It has been years since I grew this-it is one of my favorite dye plants, gives a strong orange that is very fast.


Roof progress is being made, but OF COURSE much slower than we had anticipated-even though we KNEW it would take longer than we thought....When I said the roof would be on by next week at this time maybe it would have been more realistic to say...in a couple of weeks, or even next *month* at this time? 

Helpful to have lots of friends and family with ladders they are willing to loan! 

Helpful to have lots of friends and family with ladders they are willing to loan! 

Katie's Tangents

I've been working on the characters and set for the stop-motion short I'm making. It is very fun. I REALLY want to show you everything right now, but think it would be a bigger treat for you if I don't give away all the details now. But here are a few peeks of some things I've made. 

Tiny basket of yarn that is 2" square, filled with lace-weight yarn I hand-dyed in tiny batches.   


Side table with a "book" and Playmobil mug my son added. 


Finally, the tiniest slipper I've made so far, it's knit from lace-weight yarn and doesn't even measure one inch long. The design is modeled after one of the designs from The Knitted Slipper Book, of course! 

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