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Laura's Tangents

I couldn't keep myself from buying a giant folio of National Geographic Maps from the 50's and 60's at our town's little  independent bookstore this week...I had to have it. I guess it can keep my other big book of maps company.  What is it about old maps that are so very appealing?


My boys just left for a week at my parents in Pennsylvania, and Strider's taken the week off work-hopefully by this time next week, there will be a standing seam metal roof on the house!



Katie's Tangents

My boys, parents and I took an unexpected trip to visit my brother and sister-in-law last week. We had a great time exploring Mount Vernon, Iowa for the first time. Isn't it nice to be inspired by a new place? There was even a yarn shop in their sweet little town.  

I'm curious about this book that I saw at a great bookstore in Iowa City, wish I had bought it when I saw it. 'Hank Finds an Egg' is a picture book that has super-detailed photographs for illustrations. Here's an interview with author Rebecca Dudley about her process and inspiration. I've been thinking about children's picture books that use photographs of fibery stuff or little scenes for the illustrations, but so far only knew about Salley Mavor's work. Do you know of any other children's books like these? 

I'm still thinking about stop-motion animation, and found a few more videos of knitted stop-motion work. I'm still building my characters and sets, and anxious to get going with the filming- hopefully this week!