Projects in Progress

Katie's Projects

Well, I'm glad to say that I've moved from thinking about stop motion to working on the set and the figures.

Wire stop motion armature

This video is exactly how I made my armature, but I did use a different kind of wire, and I used wool roving instead of batting.

wrapping armature in wool

The self-stick bandages are such a good idea and I've never worked with epoxy putty before- it all works together so well. I'm happy I have a sturdy, poseable figure. Now to knit her skin and clothing. 

stop motion armature ready for skin

The figure I started making looked bad because she was knit at too loose a gauge. So with some laceweight wool in hand, I'm starting over with her body. Now that I have a wire armature, I only need to knit her hands, feet and head, since the rest of her will be covered with clothing- a blue knit dress and tiny Noro shawl.  

Laura and Abby (and Margot!) came over the other day and we began working on the set. Laura is an expert cardboard model builder, and I am go glad she's generously contributing her expertise to my project. 

building cardboard set

It is SO fun to work on this together, reminds me of the fun we had making furniture and accessories for the dollhouses we had as pre-teens. I'm looking forward getting the walls and floors done so we can move on to the small furnishings (and filming!)

building cardboard stop motion set

Laura's Projects

I don't have nearly as much in progress this week as Katie does-my main objective lately has been staying cool and not getting super grumpy cause of the heat! Today I am; working away on a shawl, helping Eli wind yarn for finger knitting and turning the notes scrawled in my sketchbook into a legitimate knitting pattern...