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Katie's Tangents

We spent the day out on a boat at Laurel Lake last week, and now I'm dreaming of a new boat-building project. I wish I had the capacity and the funds to make this pedal-powered micro houseboat. Here's a bit more info about the boat. I can just SEE me and Michael peddling around our local reservoir. 

I was already feeling inspired by cardboard as an artistic medium after watching the Wayne White documentary on Netflix, but now after spotting this amazing cardboard city, (click on "projects" then "cardboard city," I can't get a direct link to the images...) I'm ready to go stalk the furniture store dumpster. 

This water balloon filler/knotter has been one of the best discoveries of the summer. I found ours locally at Walgreens. Avery, who is 7, can easily fill and knot his own water balloons with it. It's amazing! The only rotten thing is now there are bits of water balloons all over the yard. But if you have kiddos who like to play with water balloons, I highly recommend it. 

Laura's Tangents

Pausing from my evening squash bug patrol in the garden I looked up to see:


Made me even more glad I made myself go work awhile after dinner...

Katie and I had the good fortune to visit ALL THREE of Lexington's yarn shops this week. (Thanks to our sister Abby for watching the boys!) My favorite find? A couple of skeins of Rowan Revive-recycled cotton, silk and viscose from Magpie Yarn. Having fun designing another summer top with it!