::Tangents is the collection spot for the things we're thinking about, obsessively researching, and doing at home and on the web.

Laura's Tangents

Enjoying looking at an enormous book Strider brought home-Atlas of American Agriculture: Physical Basis including Land Relief, Climate, Soils and Natural Vegetation. It was published by the US department of agriculture in 1936 and has lots of color plates:

(You can access this book online here.) 

Katie's Tangents

In all my years of cooking and preparing food, I've never easily cut up a whole, raw chicken. While preparing this awesome chicken for Michael's Father's Day meal, I found this video for how to cut up a chicken into parts. I'm proud to say that I cut up my second chicken in less than five minutes- it's such clever technique! 

Laura turned me onto the Alan Bradley series about Flavia De Luce, an 11 year-old detective. If you are looking for some light summer reading, the five-book series is a good bet. 

I think I already posted about this book, but we're having so much fun working through Art Lab for Kids. I wanted my boys to spend more time making art this summer, and this book is providing the perfect framework. 

We were off to a bit of a slow start, but I'm hoping to get in the groove for summer break and do a few projects from the book each week. I replenished our art supplies using the suggestions in the first chapter, so now we have almost everything we need to do every project in the book- which makes contemplating new projects much more fun to me, don't have to run to the art store before we can get going.