Garden Friday

We are both spending much of our days in the garden this time of year. Working outside is a huge part of our lives right now, and part of our seasonal creative cycle. Rather than being absent here, we thought it would be fun to share bits of our gardening with you. So occasionally on Fridays we'll show you what's going on at each of our places. 

Laura's Garden

Now that the asparagus is in its second year it has really established itself as a fern-y hedge. See the grapes on the screen porch?

I got them for mother's day last year, let them languish in their pots all summer, finally got them in the ground last fall, and just a couple of weeks ago put up wires for them.  Amazingly, they aren't holding any grudges and have scrambled up and over the first 2 wires and are well on the way to shading the south side of the screen porch.

That is ONE parsley plant going to seed beneath the grapes-it is covered with little beneficial insects and butterfly caterpillars....The garden in the meadow is really popping, I am about half way done with spreading mulch, and I've gotten 2 of my 3 rows of tomatoes supported:

I had a bunch of cages made of woven wire fencing, but only enough for 1 row. For the second row I drove in T posts, and strung up t-shirt yarn between them. I'm worried about how well this system will work when the plants are huge and loaded with fruit. I'd love to hear suggestions for any tomato supports you've been successful with-maybe I'll do something else for the third row for a little tomato trellis trial!

Katie's Garden

We're enjoying our tiny pond and it's inhabitants- three fat goldfish and one huge frog. This pond was an afternoon homeschool project and while it's not one you might see in a garden magazine, it has enriched our yard and garden so much. It attracts all kinds of birds and creatures. Last week I fixed up the edge with more stones and raised the water level a bit by messing with the liner. Now the whole thing is larger and more intentional-looking. The water lettuce and water hyacinth have turned the water shockingly clear, and Avery was delighted the other day when the resident frog was sitting on a water lettuce plant just like Mr. Jeremy Fisher perched on a lily pad. 

Now, on to the edible part of the garden...

I've been out of sorts lately and haven't been working outside much. But, happily, the garden keeps on growing, especially spurred on by the much-needed rains we've been getting. All around us are promises of fruit and food- soon, soon! 





and so many more things! Garlic is ready to harvest and the herbs are helping fill the gap between spring and summer crops. Basil, dill, parsley plants are all large enough to harvest big handfuls of leaves to add to almost every meal. I thrilled my boys by making a family favorite, Basil Chicken, for dinner this week. Now if only my Thai basil plants could keep up with my family's appetite for this dish!

And I'm so glad I let this hollyhock go, even though it came up in the gravel outside of the vegetable garden beds.