A bag in progress & studio serendipity

I spent much of the day working on my new little purse design. I think the pattern works really well, and I had fun adding some stenciled words and making some trims and tassels to hang on the strap. (More on all of that below.) But I could tell that something was missing, and I emailed Laura a photo of my progress and asked for her advice. 

I wanted the bag to be bohemian and colorful, kinda chaotic and happy-looking. I liked the trims, the paint, the strap, but felt the large flap was too severe and plain. She suggested I look over my fabric stash and see if there was some funky fabric I could stitch on as a patch or something. 

I'm so glad for her suggestion, because I love where this is headed now- 

The weaving scrap is from a fibery yard sale I went to a few months ago and I've been saving (maybe hoarding) the yards of wide woven strips for something special. I think this is the perfect use for this section. It's hand-sewn to the purse flap on the top, and I'm leaving it unsecured on the bottom, it has nicer movement and drape that way. 

The trims really please me because they also were born from my over-stuffed boxes of supplies, special beads and yarn scraps. 

It feels really good to actually USE some of the stuff I gather, organize and store. 

I've had a happy kind of mantra running through my head lately and wanted to put it on my bag. But rather than being a big statement on the front, I wanted something a bit more abstract or even private. The phrase fit perfectly on the gusset. 

It says "We love it here." This pink neon paint makes me smile. 

I dyed the leather strap black but didn't have tiny rivets. I just came across the vintage brass brads we have for paper crafting when we did the studio clean-up. In the little thrifted box full of tarnished brads I came upon four extra-small but heavyweight brads with tiny acorns stamped on them! 

I'm not really sure they could be any more perfect. I just splayed out the ends on the inside of the bag, just like you would for paper, and while I'm not sure it's a long-term solution, I'm happy to use them for now. 

So that's my bag so far. I think I might be done, but we'll see how I feel about it tomorrow. 

Not really sure if this is a pattern to share or sell anymore, since much of the coolness of it is all the add-ons. But, on the other hand, I have a feeling lots of people have bits and bobs that they've tucked away for something special, and this little bag might be just the right canvas. What do you think?