Projects in Progress

::Projects on our work tables or needles

Laura's Projects

Knitting on the screen porch, knitting in the hammock, knitting with my feet in our stock tank pool-making progress on my scarf:

It is 50 inches long (!), I'm just over halfway through the ball. I love how it is coming along, but sheesh this is a ton of straight, boring knitting the color changes are what keep me at it....

I finished another knit yoke top-and wrote up the pattern, stay tuned for that soon:


Katie's Projects

I'm making good use of my clean worktables this week- it's so great to spread out!

I really need a new purse and thought it would be fun to design something that would work well for summertime essentials. I'm planning to use heavy white canvas, maybe stenciled, and a simple leather strap. Also, I've been long considering the idea of designing something and offering the pattern both as a sewing pattern and a knitting pattern and this might be the first project where I try that. 

Anyway, I bought a tiny leather bag at a church rummage sale years ago, and am using that as my inspiration for the shape. 

But this bag is really narrow, not super-functional.

(note the nut holding the lacing in place...)

I purchased Brendan's Leather Book when I first began working with leather and there's a chapter on purses. There are really helpful directions for how to draft your own purse or bag pattern. So I made a few pattern drafts on big pieces of paper. The back and flap for the purse are all one large piece. I made a generous, tapered gusset so the bag will be plenty deep enough for all my stuff. This was the longest part of the process, it's funny how small changes to the proportions or curves makes a big difference in how the bag looks in the end. 

I had to wing it for the rest of the project since working with fabric is very different from working with leather of course. But I think the shape is headed in the right direction. The extra-large flap stays securely in place on its own. 

Figuring out the lining was a bit tricky, but I think the hardest part of this project is behind me. 

Tomorrow I'll try a second-draft and include a strap.