Projects in Progress

::Projects on our work tables or needles

Laura's Projects

I finally finished the chair I started reupholstering 3 months ago-

Of course, it didn't actually take that that long-just turns out I do not enjoy this kind if work. Big thanks to my mom for so much help! It is tricky to get an unoccupied photo-most of the time the chair is in use by this person:

or this one:


Knitting wise, my cotton bias scarf is fetchingly growing from one indescribable color to the next:

Out of the blue I've got a fever to carve stamps, so, I bought Geninne's lovely book and dug out a linoleum cutter I stole out of a studio in college...hmmm:

 Katie's Projects

I made a bit of progress on my scarf...

but my progress has slowed since I've moved back to my outside work. I can't believe Laura has surpassed me in progress, I had a sizeable head start. She's such a super-consistent knitter. I work in fits and starts. Now that there's a "race," maybe I'll be more motivated. We have a friend who is also making this scarf and I think this mini knit-a-long is just the thing I need to keep me motivated. 

Does this gravel pile look any smaller to you?

I'm beginning to wonder if it will be a permanent addition to our driveway. Which actually would please my kiddos so much. I've been making slow progress moving this heavy stuff around, and I am really happy with how it looks. 

I've also moved on to a different part of the project- 

The fence. Lots of holes to dig- 18" down and through a compacted gravel driveway. Oof.