Katie's Tangents

I just discovered the Edible Garden television show. It's a BBC program and the episodes are available on YouTube. I've only watched the first one, but am looking forward to watching more soon when I'm working on knitting new samples. 

Abby gave me and Laura each a rainbow of gifts for our birthday- 

And my green gift was Tamara Shopshin's Mumbai New York Scranton. Reading it was a nice way to spend the evening. Tamara's a twin too, fun to read about other twins. 

I'm off to a wedding tonight- my project for the next couple hours is to keep Avery clean in his tux until the ceromony! 

Laura's Tangents

I haven't posted much about our house building lately, but we are still putting down the upstairs floor/downstairs ceiling one. board. at. a. time. Getting there:

(Cue the circa 1973 Paul Simon-"...remember one man's ceiling is another man's floor...." I can't stop singing it while we work... )

Happily, I recently found a charming kids book at the library about a family building their own house-Building Our House written and illustrated by Jonathan Bean. It is a true story written from the kids' perspective as they work alongside their parents. The illustrations are appealing and rich with fun to find little details. The afterword includes photos of the author's family while they were in the midst of their build-I can really relate to the one of his mom sitting in a lawn chair taking a knitting break by the foundation of the house!