Projects in Progress

::Projects on our work tables or needles

Laura's Projects:

I've just barely got a start on an airy bias scarf:

(I'm finally established as a knitter-I didn't have to buy needles to begin this project!)

Looking forward to making summer-y bracelets like this with recycled sari silk yarn:

Katie's Projects:

I'm working on the very same scarf as Laura, and I got a bit of a head start.

The color has already started to change, and that's fun motivation to keep knitting. 

Here's the finished shirt that Laura made me- 

It's cool and light, she dyed the knitted top after knitting it, and the yarn is so shiny and rich.  

Pretty nice for dime store yarn.

Speaking of dyeing, when I made Laura's bag, I discovered a tricky way to dye leather black using supplies that were under my sink. I'll share the secret tomorrow- 

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