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Laura's Tangents

Katie and I went to the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival yesterday-so much beautiful yarn and fiber! Out of the dizzying selection, we were captivated by the color changing cotton made by Wolle's Yarn Creations:

Today is our birthday! Katie made me two perfect gifts-a canvas bag with leather straps (advertising our grandparents welding shop):

AND trim little hand stitched leather flip flops:

Cool, huh?

Between the whippoorwill and these guys nighttime in the meadow has become delightfully raucous:

Katie's Tangents

It's been a busy weekend! Today we explored a local cave and I'm so glad we did. The Great Saltpetre cave is only open to the public a few weekends a year.

I've never been to any caves in Kentucky and this was a great introduction. 

For my birthday, Laura made me a new shirt, just like her's. I love it. I'll share some photos when I get some good ones. 

I bought a cake of Wolle's Fiber Creations yarn on Saturday too, and it looks like I'll have some actual knitting to share on Wednesday's Projects in Progress, imagine that! 


I have a few new books I want to tell you about. 

I'm SO looking forward to working through Art Lab for Kids with my boys this summer. It is full of interesting techniques and I'm planning to organize the studio and our art supplies this week so things will be all ready when summer vacation begins. 

If I didn't already have spring fever this time of year, The Four Season Farm Gardener's Cookbook is making me want to convert the rest of my sunny front yard to a vegetable garden. It's like two books on one- the front half is in-depth gardening advice and the second half is recipes. 

I also just bought Deborah Madison's Vegetable Literacy. It's a beautiful book. It also contains some thoughts about gardening. It's an absorbing read, and I'm working my way through it. The recipes are organized by plant families, which is interesting and instructive.