Projects in Progress

::Projects on our work tables or needles:

Katie's projects:

My work is certainly "in progress" today. All of a sudden my summertime clothes, shoes and purse seem "small and plain" and since I have a studio full of supplies, I'm going to make some new accessories for summer. I'm not working on the fun part of actually making stuff just yet, but instead am testing glue to see which works to glue natural rubber to leather....

And yes, there are holes poked in the side of the glue bottles. Am I the only person who does this? Hope not. So far, none of the glues work. It is nuts how the glue just peels off the rubber. I'd love any suggestions if you have a favorite adhesive that you think would work for this. I've moved on to a nontoxic contact cement and am hoping that works. If not, it's on to the big guns- super-toxic Barge cement. 

I'm also trying out some antique brass stencils- 

They're from our grandma, "Mom Mom" who made posters and signs for community and church events. 

I really like the font of these stencils, now I just have to think of something clever to say! Hopefully I'll be able to move on to the actual projects soon. 

Laura's projects:

After a couple of drafts of the knitting, I finished another summer top:

I spent this past cold & rainy Saturday doing a mountain of laundry and finally finishing Margot's baby quilt-thanks to my mom and dad who have a house with both a washer and dryer AND a giant table-things we lack in our tiny house:

I haven't washed it yet-always prefer how they look after the batting shrinks up....