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Laura's Tangents

Spending more time painting nature-y letters this week:

Harvesting masses of home grown salad greens:

Finally finished the sweet bunnies I started awhile ago:

Katie's Tangents

The stairs are just about done, I'll post a photo soon, so the next part of the courtyard has commenced, we now have 24 tons of gravel to spread. Laura and Strider stopped by last week to help out a bit. And combined with Michael's shovelling intensity on Saturday, the pile is a lot smaller. (But not THAT much smaller, I'm wondering if we got too much gravel!) 

My boys are really appreciating the new feature in our driveway. Who needs a swingset when there is a giant gravel pile to play on? 

Laura and Strider gave me an early birthday gift and I have a beautiful new addition to put in the courtyard once the gravel's all spread- 

A giant fig tree! One of them is Laura's. Things are looking very promising for figs- 

It was cool enough yesterday for Margot - and Laura- to wear wooly hand-knits. I think we'd all be happy for the weather to turn and we can all switch to cotton. May is too late for wool!